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Residential Electrician Services

Residential Electrician Services

Residential Electrician Services in Rowlett, Texas and the Dallas Metroplex

To become a licensed electrician in the state of Texas, a person must gain 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. For most people, this training takes about four years. To become a master electrician, a person must gain 12,000 hours (or six years) of on-the-job experience. Then, they must pass an exam from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Why are the requirements so demanding? Because electricity is dangerous and represents the 3rd leading cause of residential fires.

At W3 Electric, our technicians have 8,000 hours of experience and much, much more. Each member of our team is skilled, licensed, and insured. There is no better resource for safe residential electrician services. We have worked on countless residential electrical projects. From rewiring entire homes to adding a few new outlets, we handle projects both large and small. Call us if your home needs electrical repair, electrical installation, or any other type of electrician services.

Our Comprehensive Services

When you need residential electrician services, you want a team that can handle anything. Sometimes what should be a quick repair reveals deeper issues that need to be addressed. Call W3 Electric when you need an electrician for residential buildings. If your project turns out to be bigger than expected, we can handle the additional demands. Our services fall into two categories: electrical repair and electrical installations.

Electrical Repair in Dallas

Electrical repair is a broad umbrella term, so we’ve broken it down further to tell you more about it. We ask that you call us whenever you notice flickering lights, sparking outlets, buzzing sounds, or burning odors. Small issues can turn large quickly, so don’t wait.

Testing New Appliances

New appliances are fun and exciting, but they add to the pressure on your electrical system. If you are worried that a new, high-tech device may overwork your power network, give us a call. We will run tests on both the power source and the appliance. If a repair or upgrade is needed, we will be ready.

Checking Overheating Outlets

Put your hand against your wall outlets to feel for signs of overheating. Do waves of heat or sparks come from the outlet? If so, it is time to call an electrician for residential repair. Until you make an appointment and have it serviced by our electrician, you should stop using the unsafe outlet. This precaution will help you avoid dangerous situations like house fires.

Repair Shorts in Wiring

Flickering lights, or lights that won’t turn on, are more than an annoyance. They are a call for help from your electrical system. The cause could be something as simple as a loose wire. Or, there could be greater issues lying underneath the surface.

Sometimes our technicians must remove building material to access and repair damaged wiring. Trust our licensed electrician to work quickly to resolve the problem and get your home back to peak condition in no time. Each of our electrical repair services is designed to improve your home. We offer increased safety and functionality. Give us a call when you are ready for an upgrade.

Electrical Installation in Dallas

There are three main reasons for a homeowner to request our services for an electrical installation:

  • Adding to or remodeling a home
  • Replacing an electrical system that is more than 25 years old
  • Upgrading a home system to provide more power


If you need any of these services, give us a call. Electrical upgrades are not an indulgence; in many cases, they are a necessity. Modern improvements will make your home safer and reduce the risk of electrocution, fire, and even explosion. W3 Electric is skilled at providing all the basic electrical installations you can imagine. Outlets, electrical panels, and wiring are all well within our wheelhouse. We also offer these specific installations to improve the efficiency and longevity of your system:

Circuit Interrupters

Is your home more than 40 years old? Then it may be time for some upgrades to get your property up to code. Circuit interrupters prevent short circuits, protecting your property from fire.

Surge Protection

An electrical surge could overload your most valuable electronics and home convenience technologies. Keep your appliances and devices safe with a surge protection installation. We can even apply whole-house protection to secure all of your belongings at once.

Smart Home Products

The market is full of devices that make living and working at home easier. If you want better control of your heating and cooling, lighting, and security systems, just give us a call.

Our residential electrician services cover installations of all shapes and sizes. Allow our team to improve your home with modern upgrades.

Contact us for Information on our Residential Electrician Services

We are reachable 24/7 because we know that electrical needs are often urgent. If you have any questions about residential electrician services or need a technician onsite fast, let us know.

You can visit our contact page or call us directly (972)-793-0733 to speak with a master electrician.

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