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Arc-Fault Breaker Services

Arc Fault Breaker Services in Rowlett, TX and the Dallas Metroplex

While the electric grid and structural electrical wiring systems have come a long way, sometimes things can still go wrong. In homes, electrical fires are often caused by an electrical current flowing along an unintended path.

This process is also called arcing. Most homes have arc fault breakers to prevent this problem from causing fires and damage. If you are wondering, “What is an arc fault breaker?” you are not alone! Read on to learn more about these life-saving devices.

What is an Arc Fault Breaker?

An arc fault circuit breaker, also known as an arc-fault circuit interrupter or AFCI breaker, detects power following an incorrect, low-amperage path. The device then shuts off the power to that circuit before any more damage can occur. 

You may be wondering how this is different from a GFCI outlet or circuit breaker panel. The difference is that an arc fault breaker detects slow electrical leaks when wiring is compromised but not totally shorted. A slow electrical leak can happen when a nail punctures a wire or when a wire nut becomes loose. These events won’t trigger a regular circuit breaker but can still cause heat buildup and pose a fire risk.

Types of Arc Fault Breakers

No matter what type of arc fault circuit breaker you select, these devices are required to be evaluated by a nationally recognized testing lab to meet industry standards. This requirement exists to ensure that all brands and products function properly and offer the protection that you and your family depend on.

Branch/Feeder Breaker AFCI

A branch/feeder breaker is intended to be installed at the origin of a branch circuit or feeder, such as at a panel board. This type detects arcs that occur line-to-line, line-to-neutral, and line-to-ground.

Combination Breaker AFCI

Arcing can occur when the circuits that make up the electrical panel become overloaded. Several things can cause the electrical panel to be overloaded and warrant further examination by a professional electrician. 

Combination arc-fault or AFCI circuit breakers provide protection against both parallel arcing conditions and series arcing, which is arcing that occurs along a single conductor, with a portion of that conduction being broken, frayed, or partially disassembled. 

What Causes Arcing?

Electrical Overload

Arcing can be caused by a number of factors, both outside your electrical system and inside your electrical panel and walls. Some arcing causes are preventable, so it is important to understand these issues to keep your home safe.

Electrical Panel Conditions

The environment in or surrounding an electrical panel can potentially cause arcing. It can also contribute to the severity of the arcing when it occurs. Examples of contributing conditions include exposed wiring outside the box, putting too many fuses inside the box, or storing flammable materials near the panel. 

Faulty Electrical Panels

Even if you do everything right to make sure the conditions in and around your panel are safe, field tests have shown that faulty construction and components can lead to arcing. Faulty circuit breaker connections and casings are just two examples of faulty equipment that have been known to contribute to arcing.  

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Are Arc Fault Breakers Required?

The National Electrical Code (NEC) governs minimum standards for electrical wiring in many states (including Texas). Since 1999, arc fault protection has been required in bedrooms. 

In 2008, the NEC expanded the standards to require arc fault protection in “habitable” areas of the home, such as the living room or dining room, in new or renovated homes.  

Arc Fault Breaker Installation

While there are many DIY videos for AFCI breaker installation, it can be extremely dangerous to try to complete this work yourself. Even if you cut the power while attempting the installation, the risk of electric shock still exists. Further, if the device is installed incorrectly, you risk damaging your panel or, worse, your home. 

Arc fault breaker wiring is complex and proper installation requires electrical knowledge and the appropriate safety tools. There are also code requirements that will need to be certified by a licensed electrician. Call the professional electricians at W3 Electric. We’ve installed countless arc fault breakers and can complete installations quickly and efficiently.

Choose W3 Electric for Arc Fault Breaker Services

It is W3 Electric’s mission to provide honest guidance and recommendations to our customers. We focus on safety, and so we employ top-notch safety procedures on all of our jobs to protect both customers and our team.

Our team of expert electricians is empowered and makes decisions with pride, care, and integrity. When you choose W3 Electric, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. If you need arc fault breaker installation or any other electrical services for your home, look no further than W3 Electric. Our expert electricians can quickly and efficiently navigate the complex arc fault breaker wiring and get your system installed in no time. 

For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call today at (972) 793-0733.Our experts are standing by to help with all of your residential and commercial electrical needs.

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