Imagine your friends and family lounging on the back patio after a long summer day just as the sun is setting. It’s beautiful for a while, but dark will soon set in, and if you don’t have the proper landscape lighting, you’ll have to bring the party inside. But, of course, who wants to do that when the weather is so beautiful?

Outdoor lighting is essential for so many reasons. The obvious reason is the appearance of a beautifully lit landscape in the dark of night. Lighting is also necessary for the safety of your home and family. Keeping a well-lit property helps you see who or what is entering the different areas of your yard at night. In most cases, having good lighting will deter intruders from coming into your yard in the first place.

We know how much you love spending time in your outdoor spaces, which is why it’s essential to have lighting outside to meet all your needs. After all, no one wants to call it a night just because it’s dark out.

So if you need to update your landscape’s ambiance or you’re looking to set up a whole new outdoor area with lights, read on to find out thirteen exciting ways you can improve your landscape lighting.

  • Key Lighting on Isolated Areas

Outdoor lighting doesn’t necessarily need to surround the entirety of an area. Some homeowners opt to have intense key lighting that accents isolated areas of their yards. That could look like three or four spotlights throughout the yard in areas where the light will gently hit the spaces you spend your time.

One way to hugely improve your landscape lighting is by using LED bulbs instead of standard light bulbs. Check out just a few of these reasons below!

Here are the benefits of using LED bulbs:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Less heat produced by the lights
  • Less energy to light up a large area
  • The ability to run off of solar panels

These are among the many reasons LED bulbs have grown in popularity over the years. If you’re looking for long-living energy-efficient lighting solutions, LED bulbs are the best choice.

3. Cafe String Lights Around a Patio

String lights are one of the best ways to brighten up your outdoor area, and there are several types of string lights you can use. (This isn’t the last time you’ll see string lights on our list.)

Cafe string lights are one of our favorite variations of the trend because they call to the signature coziness of your favorite coffee shop. With large, distinct bulbs, they give off perfect lighting for a dark evening sipping a cup of joe. Just make sure it’s decaf.

4. Rustic Lanterns on the Back Porch

If your style is reminiscent of an old farmhouse, you may opt for rustic lanterns to provide your property’s lighting. Individual rustic lanterns surrounding your outdoor area will do two things. First, they’ll give off a perfect amount of light.

Second, they’ll have your guests feeling like they just finished tending to the animals and picking vegetables from the garden.

5. Utilize Different Decorative Materials

It’s a great idea to make the most of certain decorative materials. For example, you can use mirrors, light-colored rocks, and white outdoor furniture to enhance lighting. Light reflects off all of these things, so placing these decorative items near your lighting fixtures will increase brightness.

6. Front Entrance Lighting

When we think of outdoor lighting, we often think of the backyard since we spend most of our recreational time there. However, having the appropriate lighting in front of your house is just as important.

Strong lighting can flatter your home by drawing attention to your front entrance accents. There are many ways to brighten up your front entrance, and a professional can help you choose the best option during landscape lighting installation.

7. Strong Lights Accenting the Front Yard

Lighting the front of your home can also be achieved by strategically placed lights throughout the front yard. That may look like a front walkway lined with solar lights or intense spotlights on decorative areas of your front property, such as gardens or lawn decor.

8. Well-Lit Garage Doors

Another way to add light to the front of your property is by installation fixtures that adorn your garage doors. That is a popular way to brighten up your home and make sure that you can see what is happening outside your house in the dark. Adding light to your garage area can be done with lights lining the top of the door or by placing large lights between doors if there is more than one.

9. Use the Appropriate Materials for Your Environment

When choosing new outdoor lighting, be sure to do your research or consult with an electrician near you. Certain materials will rust depending on the environment they are placed in. For example, if you live in an area with salty air, brass or copper lighting is the best choice because it is safe from corrosion. An electrician can help set up outdoor lighting using the perfect materials for your environment.

10. Illuminate Darker Areas of Your Property

When planning your landscape lighting, an important thing to remember is how you’re going to address the darkest areas of your yard. This consideration is especially important for homeowners with larger properties. You may have spots in your yard that are rarely visited, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need lighting. Potential intruders may see these areas as weak spots if they are poorly lit. For safety reasons, these parts of your yard must have adequate lighting.

If you want to add lighting to the dark spots in your yard, try the following strategies:

  • Use downlighting, with spotlights placed high on fences and pointed downwards
  • Add a small garden with lighting
  • Place decorative lighting in nearby trees
  • Add motion-activated lighting that will turn on if someone enters the area

11. Curtain Lights on the Back Porch or Balcony

We told you that you hadn’t heard the last of string lights! A unique way to brighten up your backyard is by having curtain string lights cascading down around a back porch, balcony, or patio. These lights give an ethereal feel that will have you feeling like a fairy in an enchanted garden.

12. Uplighting with Spotlights Behind Plants

Earlier, we mentioned placing key lighting throughout your yard, and another way to do that is by having spotlights placed behind certain plants throughout the yard. That is a practice called uplighting. For example, if you have a large bush on each side of your entrance, you can place a spotlight at ground level behind each bush. The light then points upwards, into and around the plant. Not only will this accent your landscaping, but it will give off a subtle hint of light in the surrounding areas.

13. Subtle Garden Lighting

The idea of spotlighting on statement plants might be more than you’re looking for in terms of outdoor illumination. Should you have something a little more subtle in mind, feel free to try smaller, more decorative lights throughout the gardens in your yard. These lights will draw attention to some of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of your home.

If you are looking to improve your outdoor lighting and have googled “electrician near me” to no avail, let us help. With highly trained professionals, W3 Electric specializes in landscape lighting installation for all environments. W3 contractors will bring their extensive experience to your property, helping brighten your yard for your family’s fun and safety!